Color & Light

4 weeks


The overall purpose of this project was to learn key ideas of light and color. We started this project by building models out of any all white material. Some of these models are shown on the right. The first 2 illustrate the principle of rhythm while the last illustrates the key principle of pattern. 

The next step in the project was to apply colored light to the models shown previously. To do this we used green, blue, and red lights. In doing this we discovered how light mixes to form other secondary colors.

We created diagrams by using Illustrator. We then used color to show depth, vibration, emphasis, and relativity. After that we cut out our diagrams and added light into it. Though this I learned how light can be reflected.

This finial model was based off the circle model shown above. In order to make the circles exact, I used a laser cuter. The idea behind this project was to use reflected light to change the color perceived by the eye. For example in the picture directly to the right, the center circle is actually blue. However, it appears purple because the red color is being reflected with light to make it appear purple.


For my first final model I added color to my rhythm paper model. During this I studied the relationship between primary and secondary colors. I did this by making the base color of every triangle a primary color. so that then whenever it intersects with another triangle, the color changes to create a secondary color.