4 weeks

Drawings are a key part in any project as they allow the viewer a perspective not seen by the eye. Here I drafted one and two point perspectives to better show the inner space. I also drew an oblique in order to illustrate how the two sections come together.

A key material used in this project was foam. I used foam as a fast way to prototype my ideas. This allowed for a high level of refinement in the form of my model.



The idea behind my model was to take a cube, split it up into 8 smaller cubes and then designate 4 of them to represent mass and the other 4 to represent void. Then in order to play against our preconceptions I made the heavier material (cement) represent the void, while the lighter (plaster) represented the mass.

This project was made through the building method of casting. To do this I made molds of the negative space created by my models. Then I used cement and plaster in order to make my model.