4 weeks

This project revolved around the idea of creating unit, and then changing the material to learn the different types of joints and abilities that material has to offer. The first material was wooden sticks. I took advantage of this by creating a notch joint in the wood in order to hold the two parts of the model together.

The second material studied was wire. To take advantage of this I utilized it's ability to bend and be soldered. After that I assembled the wire together in a zipper like fashion which showed off the strength of metal in the wire.

The last material studied was paper. This was very different from the previous studies as paper represented a surface aspect instead of a line. However, I was able to take advantage of this by creating a notch system in order to hold the model together.


After creating the 3 previous models, I was tasked with combining them into a hybrid model. I chose to incorporate the strength and malleability of the wire with the paper in order to create more width and a planer system. After that I imaged my model as a structure. I chose to image it as a tall building. In this building I imagined the empty space to be windows while the model would work as an exo-skeleton holding the structure up.