Rigorous iterative fun


A beach side rollercoaster

Jockey's ridge, nags head, NC

1 week

Nags Head is a very popular tourist site. Unlike other North Carolina beaches Nags Head is home to jockey’s ridge, a place where dunes are over 21 meters tall. This leads to over 1.5 million tourists visiting the island each year (around 750 thousand higher than the average NC beach). However there is a problem…


The dunes at jockey’s ridge are disappearing. When we first started keeping track, the height of the dunes they were 42 meters tall. However that was only 44 years ago. It’s predicted that within the next 100 years the dunes at jockey’s ridge will completely disappear. The cause of the shrinking dunes is a southern wind that, while shifting the dunes also blows a ton of the sand into the ocean. This process can not be stopped.

This creates a major problem for the people of Nags Head. Their economy relies on the tourists that come to Jockey’s ridge each year. With the disappearance of the dunes so will thousands of jobs.


With this project I’ve set out to creates something that will prevent this economic depression and celebrates the history of dunes at nags head. An amusement park ride is the perfect solution to this.



Dune-shaper is a rollercoaster that presently rides over the dunes. However as time passes and the dunes shrink, It will begin to map the history of where the dunes used to be. It is also supposed to lay the groundwork and allow more rides at jockey’s ridge to be created. As the dunes continue to shrink, more and more rides will be built. This will allow for the economy to remain steady even after the dunes disappear.