A Place to read

3 weeks


The concept of my project is based on dividing the area into 2 contrasting spaces: a room of shadows and a garden of light, with the stairwell being the transition that brings them together.


As you enter, you step down under a heavy roof casting a dark shadow. You're then led into a narrow path forcing you to feel a sense of solitude. This solitude is essential for self-reflection. As you enter the room of shadows, the only light that guides you are the beams of light that can dodge the cascading vines and pierce through the frosted glass lending towards a relaxed atmosphere. The darkest parts of the room are the alcoves which are large enough for one person to sit and read comfortably. As you exit, you are gradually led into an area of more light which is overwhelming.


Next you move up to the garden. When you walk up the stairs, you grow tired not only due to the energy needed to move but also from the increasing exposure to the sun. When you reach the garden, the light and heat are overbearing, encouraging you to stay for less time.


These 2 spaces contrast each other, expressing the concept described in in praise of shadows that while one tends to think of well lit spaces as ideal, the darker spaces are the ones that we gravitate towards.