Durham Public Library

6 weeks



My concept revolves around creating spaces for both of these purposes. This is done by showing the relationship and hierarchy of past and present, while also understanding the needed separation between them.


There are 3 floors to my library

  • The 1st floor is where the entrance to my library is located, on this floor are book stacks and quiet areas to read. A place for learning from the past

  • The second floor is centered around collaboration, there are tables the for group work, areas for computer use and group study rooms, A place to Collaborate to create new ideas

  • the lowest floor is primarily the children’s area, with areas for group reading both indoors and out. The children's area is down here to represent them as the foundation of our society, while also allowing the library to keep an eye on them from their desk.

  • on this floor there is also a community room with a second entrance allowing for lectures to be held after hours.


Overall my idea is all about expressing the hierarchy of knowledge and connecting the past and present in order to create a library.

I selected this site because it embodied the the 2 types of buildings you see in a city, preserved buildings from the past and new innovative buildings such as


  • An Old masonry warehouse

  • New apartments by Dudapaine


This Relates to the 2 main purposes of a library,


  • To learn from the past

  • Collaborate to create new ideas