6 weeks

Site: This site is located in pettigrew state park, one of the special aspects of this site is the sharp contrast of the natural forest and the manmade farmland. This observatory lays right at the transition. I viewed this contrast as an analogy comparing the relationship of the forest to the farmland as outer space to earth. One is unknown and untouched by mankind, while the other is known and used by humans.


Concept create a passageway between earth and space by abstractly creating a structure whixh appears unearthly that then breaks through the earth and points up to the stars.


Uses: The observatory was meant to serve 2 major uses. The first use was to be a scientific observatory where scientists could study astronomy. Most of these services are located underground. The second is to serve as a site for tourist to come and get excited about science. The tourist are meant to follow a path that expresses the idea of science on display.


Process Models